LongShore a Core Group Offering

LongShore is the first Staffing Platform developed specifically for the needs of  Maritime companies. It was built with the intent to streamline crewing activities and simplify the communication between your company, your emplyees, your contractors and your staffing agency.

It allows you to easily fill a vessel's manifest with qualified workers from within your organization and fill the gaps with contractors or resources from your staffing agency.

Further, when you have an issue with headcount aboard a ship that is costing your company money, LongShore can help rapidly spot-trade positions to get the shortage filled as quickly as possible, saving you time and money along the way.

Our On-demand Crewing Platform tethers your employees to you via a connected mobile platform. This allows for real-time messaging and response between you and your mariners. 

“For more information or a demonstration of the platform please email austin@coregroupresources.com

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